Forbidden Fruit – 1000ml Dark Spray Tan Solution is designed to give a natural-looking decadent dark tan.
With 14 % DHA and fragranced with the delicious scent of Forbidden Fruits, you will find this simply mouth-watering!

Developed using a blend of natural ingredients and nourishing skin smoothers including natural Aloe and White Tea, Funkissed gives an instant, streak-free and quick-drying tan that lasts up to 10 days.

  • Completely paraben and alcohol-free,
  • Not tested on animals; or contain any animal-derived ingredients our product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike,
  • Contains a guide colour to help ensure even application with instant results.
  • 1000ml will provide between 16 and 20 full body tans.
  • Designed for spray /airbrush application.